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**Please note the price is promotional only and subject to change after January 2020**


The EL-WiFi-TPX+ is the upgraded predecessor to the automated EL-WiFi-TP+


The unit features a new type of high accuracy probe that is calibratable

No more sending in your entire unit for calibration.  Simply swap the probe out with a pre-calibrated probe.


The unit also has a transparent red backplate that will flash red when a temperature breach has occured.  

We have also added a speaker for the option of having audible alerts as well.


The unit connects and works with the SL Cloud or EasyLog Cloud, same as the previous TP and TP+ models.


Included in cost : 

WiFi-TPX+ Unit

Mounting Bracket

USB Charging/Data Cable

TPX+ High Accuracy Glycol Chambered Probe (Calibrated for 2 Years)

2 years of Cloud Service on the SL Cloud or EasyLog Cloud.